7. June 2023

10 years of Filmlog

Consistency pays off!

Exactly 10 years ago on June 8, I was able to release the first version of my iOS app Filmlog in the AppStore. Born from an idea that should be simple and that I would have a use for myself. A simple, fast and attractive way to manage my unseen and seen movies.

To celebrate this anniversary, Filmlog Plus will be ~50% off starting June 8! For a whole two weeks, so maybe one or two people will catch it besides all the excitement about Vision Pro.

The first release was a huge success for me, because with Filmlog I learned programming. I couldn't expand my knowledge of programming in my graphic design studies, so I taught myself everything with the help of the Internet and, of course, books back then!

Today, exactly 10 years and 15 updates later, a lot has changed and yet Filmlog has stayed true to its original idea. There have been many changes under the hood that the users didn't notice, but also many layout adjustments due to the introduction of ever new iPhone sizes have significantly determined the further development of Filmlog.

But the biggest development was definitely my own. With regard to what I wanted to achieve with Filmlog and especially on which way I tried to achieve it. 10 years ago, there was still a lot of the general enthusiasm that was triggered by these new types of smartphones and their apps. I meticulously followed the development of iPhones and the iOS platform. Secretly, I dreamed of being similarly successful as the first big app hits from Things to Tiny Wings. In the meantime, apps are no longer a novelty and it has also become very difficult in the incredible amount of apps to inspire the users let alone be found.

In the meantime, my focus and goal for Filmlog is very clear: I want to permanently offer an app with Filmlog that provides a simple and attractive solution for users. The focus is on consistency, which in my view plays a very important role for a product in this fast-moving app world. This allows me to achieve long-term goals and makes it possible at all to pursue this project alongside my full-time job.

The start of the beta phase for the next major release is planned for the anniversary year. All news and when the beta test will start can be found in the Blog / RSS / Mastodon. Disclaimer: Filmlog will also become significantly more expensive with the next version, for all those who still want to take advantage of this opportunity and want to purchase Filmlog Plus before that.

Here's to the next 10 years and many satisfied users that I can reach and inspire with Filmlog.

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