Simon Braun – Digital Designer

my name is Simon Braun.

I design, program, conceptualize, write, talk and photograph.


I'm creative, curious and passionate about great products-digital and analog.

My interests are very diverse and are reflected in my multi-faceted pursuits: working as a digital designer, independently programming and publishing apps, and producing a culinary podcast, to name a few.


Trained as a communications designer, I have a strong affinity for digital products, am a self-taught programmer, a graduate of the Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate, and was an entrepreneur for the first time in 2012 when I founded a startup.

way of working

My work consists of a holistic view: from the perspective of a conceptual designer, programmer and product manager. Based on this, I support the development of design processes for digital products, systems and services-or carry them out independently.

In the best case, I am involved in the processes throughout the entire product cycle from conception, implementation, quality assurance, testing and further development. Because in case of conceptual weaknesses or wrong prioritization, the correction for a product is usually disproportionately costly afterwards.

In addition to the actual implementation, the development steps in the team and the processes relevant to the product are of particular concern to me, as they are responsible for a successful as well as efficient development. Precise and careful communication is of particular importance to my work - it is the key to the analysis, coordination and elaboration of the design process.

I prefer working in a team and place high value on open and constructive interaction as well as clear communication. Particularly important to me is the expert and cross-divisional understanding between all parties involved, such as developers, stakeholders, users and designers, which I see as one of my particular strengths due to my diverse experience.


I do my work with tools like Figma, Adobe XD, Affinity Designer, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects, Apple Motion and Xcode.

I increasingly work with the following technologies: Objective-C, Swift, Git, PHP, HTML, CSS, SQLite, MySQL and Python.


These methods are used in my everyday work: Usability-Norm ISO 9241-110, Richtlinien für Barrierefreiheit (WCAG 2.1/BITV 2.0) and Scrum (certified Scrum-Master and Product-Owner).


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